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We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Chart) done. 

A brief overview of the Leo sun sign:

As the sun moves into Leo we see a lot of stars, maybe not always famous but all in their own minds. The Leo men are as royal as their sign being  accepted and sometimes worshiped by most around them. Both men and woman are of the theater, they are the best and the most believable. Here are a few examples; Jerry Garcia, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, Walter Payton, Connie Chung and the list goes on. You will learn more as we look into the individual days that make up the Leo legacy.


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Birthday Horoscopes for 08/01

 The August 1st person is the "alpha  dog" they will train you to see their point of view and an original one it is. They are truly the visionaries. The ruling Planet for today is the Sun, which causes this person to put more of an emphasis on identity and individuality. 

A look ahead; Watch your tongue, you might cut someone. A little give and take would be ok.

Famous Birthdays; Jerry Garcia , Francis Scott Key , Dom De Luise ,Yves Saint Laurent ,  Nasya Mancini, Robert Cray , Joe Elliott (Def Leppard ), Michael Penn .

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/02

The August 2nd Person is half sweetheart and half tyrant and can change with whatever situation they are in.  They are the ones that seem to always get what they want. The ruling planet for today is the Moon, which offers to this day a keen intuition but usually are found in supporting roles in the common workplace.

A look ahead; Think of yourself as the giver. Your irresponsibility affects more than just you.

Famous Birthdays; Carroll O'Connor , Peter O'Tool , Wes Cravin , James Baldwin , Garth Hudson (The Band), John Stanier (Helmet), Edward Patten (Gladys Knight & The Pips), Neill Kirby McMillan Jr. (Mojo Nixon), Andrew Gold.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/03

We are now 10º or in the 2nd phase of the Leo sun sign. Now the August 3rd person takes the role of the lion hunter. These folks have it all courage, strength and stamina. They live for the adventure and when coupled by a Taurus rising sign (ascendant) can just enjoy the kill for the sport of it. This goes for both genders.

A look ahead; Adventure and fantasy is great as long as innocent bystanders don't get hurt. Take better care of yourself.

Famous Birthdays; Tony Bennett, Martin Sheen, John Landis.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/04

The August 4th person is sharp as a tack and very abrupt about the way they go about things. They are true leaders because of the knowledge base they posses. They also have the ability to move around undetected.

A look ahead; Try to control your temper. Make sure if your going to be a rebel its for a good cause. 

Famous Birthdays; Louis Armstrong, Jeff Gordon, Herb Ellis II.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/05

Now This is the makings of a real leader or maybe the heroes that we read about in novels. The Augusts 5th person has the focus the nerve (this is definitely not a cowardly lion) and the class to do or be whatever they want. they are not talkers they are doers. 

A look ahead; Try not to demand so much from people. It's kind of hard to understand but not every one is as capable as you. 

Famous Birthdays; Neil Armstrong, Sidney Omarr (One of the Astrologers that inspired me to become one), Loni Anderson, Patrick Ewing.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/06

The August sixth person is one of the more interesting and unique people you will meet and they seek the same for their careers and relationships. They love to dabble in the unexplainable and love romance.

A look ahead; Think before you do. There's people that want to be with you if you make yourself available. Things in real life aren't like in the movies. 

Famous Birthdays; Robert Mitchum, Andy Warhol, Lucille Ball, Asia Carrera, Lisa Boyle.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/07

Who's Watching you? Probably an August 7th person. They are the voyeurs of the Leo sun sign. They are so entertaining and adaptable to any situation that you don't even know that their doing it.

A look ahead; Try to be upfront with those around you and yourself. Sometimes what you do know will hurt you. 

Famous Birthdays; Rahsaan Roland Kirk, B. J. Thomas, David Duchovny.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/08

Ok now this is a prime example of the Leo overview printed above. More so than anyone else these people play any role they want with effortless grace, class and make it a point to show up for the gig. When the gigs over they just pick up and start on the next endeavor. 

A look ahead; Relax a bit and learn to be humble. You don't want to try to make a grand entrance just to get your head stuck in the door.

Famous Birthdays; Boy were do we start? Dustin Hoffman, Drew Lachey ( 98º), Mel Tillis, Benny Carter, Connie Stevens, Donny Most, Big John Holmes, Keith Carradine, Larry Wilcox (Chips), The Edge (U2), Airrion Love (The Stylistics), Dennis Drew (10,000 Maniacs), Rikki Rockett (Poison), Kool Moe Dee, JC Chasez ('N Sync).

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/09

The August 9th person is a thinker they soak up information and use it to theirs and the people around them best advantage. They are very organized in their public and private lives. If they go down it will only be in a blaze of glory.

A look ahead; We sometimes need to ask ourselves if it is possible for things to appear to vanish.

Famous Birthdays; Sam Elliott, Joe Jackson, Melanie Griffith, Dion Sanders, Whitney Houston, Gillian Anderson, Jack DeJohnette, Billy Henderson (The Spinners), Arion Salazar (Third Eye Blind) 

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/10

At 18º into the Leo sun sign we see a change taking place from one of colorfulness to one of image and dictation. The August 10th person has the cunning and the attraction to lure you into there sphere that they created and preside over. They can also talk you into a corner.

A look ahead; The illusion of desire is only a replacement for the reality of need. Self confidence will take you a long way.

Famous Birthdays; Ian Anderson IV (of one of my all time favorite groups Jethro Tull), Jimmy Dean, Rosanna Arquett, John Starks, Patti Austin, Eddie Fisher, Bobby Hatfield (The Righteous Brothers), Antonio Banderas, Jon Farriss (INXS), Neneh Cherry, Jimmy Martin.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/11

Now we are in the last full phase of Leo before we reach the cusp of Virgo which will happen in 7 days. Here we have the August 11th person, a driving force like superman seeking truth, justice and...... well you get the picture. The difference is the August 11th person has a dark side which they concentrate allot of their energies on.

A look ahead; You can know the truth without using it as a sword.

Famous Birthdays; Eric Carmen, Jerry Falwell (what's the chances on him reading this), Alex Haley, Hulk Hogan

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/12

The August 12th person is the person you might refer to as Mr. or Ms. know it all. The funny thing is they pretty much do! And they will stick by their people through thick and thin.

A look ahead; Come on down here and have some fun already.

Famous Birthdays; Pat Metheny (One excellent jazz guitarist), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), George Hamilton.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/13

On this day we see that the August 13th person loves to take a gamble. But they don't just give up. They fight for what they want till the bitter end. These people have a very different out look on life. A heavy Uranus influence causes this person to have volatile relationships.

A look ahead; Try not to hide from society. Watch your temper. Insecurity doesn't look very good on you.

Famous Birthdays; Danny Bonaduce (Partridge family), Don Ho, Fidel Castro, Alfred Hitchcock, Dan Fogelberg, Son Seals, Rex Humbard.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/14

The August 14th person is observant. They see and communicate their particular generation. You can always expect an honest opinion. Their sense humor is uplifting and spontaneous. The ruling planet for today is Mercury, which will cause this person to react more quickly than most. 

A look ahead; Even if you see all around you its important to see in you. Reality isn't always a bad place to be.

Famous Birthdays; David Crosby, Steve Martin, Magic Johnson, Susan Saint James, Rusty Wallace, Dash Crofts (Seals & Crofts/The Champs), Terry Adams (NRBQ), Kevin Cadogan (Third Eye Blind).

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/15

I think that song "Leader of the Pack" is a good way to describe most of the August 15th people.  The ruling planet for today is Venus. This is a Birthscope that would have more concern to other aspects of one's chart than a 24hr period would show, such as rising sign and the location of Saturn on a chart which can play nasty games with peoples life. There are devastating traumatic episodes that happen all to often in the August 15th persons childhood. Most are leaders but can be viewed by some of their friends and family as pushy. They can also be very giving and loyal to the right people. If your not in that group you will know it.  

A look ahead; You need to be in a hurry as much as you can and still cultivate your sensitivity, that's were the golden rings lay.

Famous Birthdays; Ben Affleck, Julia Child, Huntz Hall ( Bowery Boys), Napoleon Bonaparte, Oscar Peterson, Oscar Peterson, Bill Pinckney (The Drifters), Peter York (Spencer Davis Group), Matt Johnson (The The), Bobby Byrd.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/16

This person has reckless energy surrounding almost every thing they do. They generally know how to and get their way. They are the seducers of the Leo sun sign.  

A look ahead; Obsession is ok as long as its not destructive to you or those around you. Your liver can only take so much.

Famous Birthdays; Kathie Lee Gifford, Frank Gifford, Angela Bassett, Timothy Hutton, Maddona( the singing one).

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/17

Fire, Electricity, Wind are some of the single words that come to mind when we think about an August 17th person. They are flexible and grounded enough to make all their energy work for them in a positive way most of the time. Just don't piss them off. (BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!) Some think they are aloof but they just have an unusual way of achieving some interesting results.

A look ahead; Try to listen and learn from others point of view and know when your arguing just to argue. If you push the same button enough times you will at least break it.

Famous Birthdays; Mae West, Robert De Niro, Sean Penn.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/18

The August 18th person can be very pensive and curious about everything around them. They can fit into almost any situation. They have an unparalleled amount of patients. (which will be a central theme as we enter the Leo/Virgo cusp tomorrow) If you refer to this person as a type of material it would be Teflon.

A look ahead; Not everything in life has to be difficult and pain is a form of mind.

Famous Birthdays; Robert Redford, Martin Mull, Shelly Winters, Patrick Swayze, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Denis Leary, Christian Slater.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/19

Now we are in the Leo/Virgo cusp phase of the Leo sun sign. Here we have a reoccurring  theme of patients. The August 19th person is very confident and aware of themselves and those around them and can use these attributes to manipulate almost any situation. They are usually referred to as eccentric, except in certain birth chart configurations.

A look ahead; Secrets to some people seem like your being underhanded. Know your limitations and learn to respect danger.

Famous Birthdays; Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek Creator), Ginger Baker (Cream/ Blind Faith/Air Force), William Jefferson Clinton, Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek Next Generation), Tipper Gore, Mathew Perry, Johnny Nash, Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), John Deacon (Queen), Gary Chapman.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/20

This day of August 20th takes on another kind of patients. Its a kind that comes from waiting. This doesn't mean that they are just jellyfish floating around, for they do possess a large amount of drive and courage. They tend to be lonely because they wait to be approached instead of going out and using that gift of love for all mankind that they possess to seek out new friends. They have a wonderful imagination and stimulate thought in all that they meet.

A look ahead; You don't have to escape past realities to survive, you just need to know that what might happen tomorrow is real as well.

Famous Birthdays; Connie Chung, Isaac Hayes, Robert Plant, Jim Reeves, Al Roker, Jimmy Pankow (Chicago), John Hiatt.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/21

The August 21st person can stand in front of the knife thrower with out flinching and also encourage them to make a good throw. They usually trust only certain people with their private lives and are viewed by most as unconventional.

A look ahead; Let your loved ones out of your bubble for you know how much you value your private time. Get to the point.

Famous Birthdays; Count Basie, Kenny Rogers, Joe Strummer (The Clash), Wilt Chamberlain, James Burton, Jackie DeShannon, Liam Howlett (Prodigy). 

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/22

Staying with and keeping their mind on the game, that's the kind of patients that the August 22nd person has. They have longevity and expertise in their particular field and the creativity to get others interested in what their doing as well.

A look ahead; Its important to be a bit flexible, but not to were your getting bent over. Don't eat your bread dry, put some humble butter on it.

Famous Birthdays; The great John Lee Hooker, Tori Amos, Cindy Williams, Valerie Harper, W.A. Christiansen ( Introduced the seeing eye dog in 1933), Kathy Lennon (The Lennon Sisters), David Marks (The Beach Boys), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears), Debbi Peterson (The Bangles), Layne Staley (Alice In Chains), Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys).

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/23

Now were in the last day of Leo going into Virgo tomorrow. The patients theme in the Leo/Virgo cusp is now gone as we get 1º into Virgo, you will learn more tomorrow in the Virgo overview. The August 23rd person is truly intense, they play hard and have a keen technical sense in their particular field. They can be abrupt and in most birth chart configurations loners.

A look ahead; Try to use some of that pent up energy to become involved with others. Try to curb your desire to escape reality.

Famous Birthdays; Gene Kelly, River Phoenix, Keith Moon (The Who), Bobby Watson, Shelly Long, Barbara Eden, Rick Springfield, Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Jay Mohr.

A brief overview of the Virgo sun sign:

The Virgo sun sign is ruled by Mercury, which is also the ruler of Gemini but takes on a different appearance in the sun sign because Gemini is air and Virgo is earth and in turn makes the Mercury aspect in this sign more down to earth. In most cases this  makes the Virgo person cerebral, an avid traveler, organized, analytical and close to their siblings. The Virgo person believes strongly in communications (letting you know were they stand). In a more intimate sphere the male and the female of this sign are usually quite different. The male is in tune to the sun (identity) and the female to the moon (instincts). But one thing they both share is that Virgo is "the virgin". Some noteworthy Virgos; Peter Sellers, Yasser Arafat, Greta Garbo Regis Philbin are just a few. You will learn more on a daily basis as we look into the sun sign Virgo.


Birthday Horoscopes for 08/24

Today is the first full day of Virgo and were still on the Leo/Virgo cusp. The August 24th person has the analytical and observant mind that is required to be an investigator or forensic scientist. They start at one side and end on the other leaving no stone unturned. They sometimes make mountains out of mole hills. With all this going on the frequent trips to the medicine cabinet would seem par for the course.

A look ahead; Sometimes those around you really don't want to know. The mind cannot exist with out the function of the heart and visa versa.

Famous Birthdays; Mason Williams (Classical Gas), Jim Capaldi (Traffic), Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep)  Cal Ripken Jr, Steve Guttenberg, John Bush (Anthrax).

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/25

This is the type of Birth Scope that I enjoy doing because the August 25th person is just such an exiting person. They are forward, colorful and overwhelmingly sensual in the right company. They can hold a secret life or desire for a long time and just one day out of the blue spring it on you and offer more to the excitement! They know how to use their natural features and be a bit of an exhibitionist to catch that particular fish they've had their eye on. But wait can you have all this and an intelligent mind? With the August 25th person the answer is a big YES!!!!

A look ahead; Need is measured by an individuals standards. What other people think really doesn't matter, know your own worth.

Famous Birthdays; Sean Connery, Claudia Schiffer, Tim Burton, Elvis Costello, Wayne Shorter (Jazz fusion group Weather Report), Gene Klien (aka Gene Simmons of Kiss),  Leonard Bernstein, Billy Ray Cyrus, Monty Hall, Regis Philbin, Walter Williams (The O'Jays), Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard).

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/26

We are finally out of the Leo/Virgo cusp and this marks the first full phase of Virgo. So what this means to the August 26th person is they will posses more of the classic traits of the Virgo sun sign. They can work well with others and have strong ties to those close to them. They thrive on organization and structure at home and in the business place and the offspring of these folks are the luckiest children in the world. They truly give until it hurts.

A look ahead; Know when a situation calls for an aggressive approach, for the better of yourself and those around you. People appreciate all you do for them.

Famous Birthdays; Macaulay Culkin, Branford Marsalis, Brett Cullen, Vic Dana, Bob Cowsill. 

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/27

The August 27th person is the ideal person to represent everyone, the ones that should hold a high office. They know what is happening around them and are willing to stand up for everyone, even the underdog. they have a higher plain of intellect that most have difficulty under standing and this is what brings on their depressed side. These are definitely great people.

A look ahead; You were born to help others. Don't sit and worry about your own situations because when you help others you will be blessed by success and the clouds will soon pass.

Famous Birthdays; J.D. Crowe, Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge ,Cactus, Beck Bogert and Appice), Paul (Pee Wee Herman) Reubens, Alex Lifeson (Rush). 

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/28

The fact is that the August 28th person has a vast knowledge of the facts and not only are they extremely intelligent, they strive for perfection and know how to present themselves and their ideas in a thoroughly convincing manner.

A look ahead; It would be a wise choice to listen to others point of view. Even the purist of thought involves the ground below you.

Famous Birthdays; David Soul, Jason Priestley, Shania Twain, Donald O'Connor, Charles Boyer, Wayne Osmond (The Osmonds). 

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/29

Those born on August 29th have a strong desire to live their life in peace and harmony. They  have a vivid imagination and function the best in a well organized atmosphere. They believe in telling you the way it is and can do it without hurting your feelings. Their emotions can be injured very easily. They sometimes can be their "own worst enemy".

A look ahead; Try to let your love ones know your still with them once in a while. They will bring you the security and stability you desire. 

Famous Birthdays; Charlie Parker, Michael Jackson, Robin Leach, Peter Jennings, Elliot Gould, Ingrid Bergman.

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/30

The August 30th person prefers not to take a gamble. They want all the information and all the variables before they make a very informed decision. Because of this trait they can usually be found running a business and carrying the financial end of family matters. If they say they will be there at 8:00 they will be there at 7:55 just to make sure that they wont be late. Every thing is in perfect order here.

A look ahead; Even though it is important to keep every thing in order, you need to let those around you make mistakes. Too much structure can cause a revolt.  

Famous Birthdays; Fred MacMurray, Cameron Diaz, Timothy Bottoms, John Phillips (The Mamas and The Papas), Aaron Barrett (Reel Big Fish).

Birthday Horoscopes for 08/31

What will the neighbors think. The August 31st person is very much in tune to others approval. They usually have a genuine concern for the good of every one around them and can present their case in a funny and entertaining way. They also posses a large amount of energy and are very convincing especially when it comes to a cause that they are fully submersed in.

A look ahead; A few hours of private meditation makes for life time of understanding.  

Famous Birthdays; James Coburn, Van Morrison, Paul Winter, Richard Gere, Buddy Hackett, Jerry Allison (Buddy Holly and the Crickets), Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Gina Schock (The Go-Go's), Jeff Russo (Tonic).


We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Chart) done. 

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