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We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Charts) done. 


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A brief overview of the Virgo sun sign:

The Virgo sun sign is ruled by Mercury, which is also the ruler of Gemini but takes on a different appearance in the sun sign because Gemini is air and Virgo is earth and in turn makes the Mercury aspect in this sign more down to earth. In most cases this  makes the Virgo person cerebral, an avid traveler, organized, analytical and close to their siblings. The Virgo person believes strongly in communications (letting you know were they stand). In a more intimate sphere the male and the female of this sign are usually quite different. The male is in tune to the sun (identity) and the female to the moon (instincts). But one thing they both share is that Virgo is "the virgin". Some noteworthy Virgos; Peter Sellers, Yasser Arafat, Greta Garbo Regis Philbin are just a few. You will learn more on a daily basis as we look into the sun sign Virgo.

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/01

We are now 8º into Virgo and still seeing the down to earth base of Virgo sun sign. "Just the facts Mam" like that old police show is a good way to describe the September 1st person. These folks have a check list in their mind that they use to keep tract of every thing they are involved in. They are usually in very strong physical shape and wont back down for anything. 

A look ahead; You really don't have to be insistent on being so negative. Listen.

Famous Birthdays; Lilly Tomlin, Gloria Estifan, Barry Gibb, Boxcar Willie, Conway Twitty, Archie Bell, Boney James.

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/02 

If you were in a store with a September 2nd person the conversation would be something like this; I don't care how the label looks or what it says, I want to know what I am really getting. These folks are very honest and quite fair in their assessments of all around them. Although they have a habit of blowing up in some of the most inopportune times. The ruling planet for this day is the Moon.

A look ahead; If those around you see some form of affection from you they might not be so quick to offer undue critique. Your well appreciated for standing up for the middle echelons. 

Famous Birthdays; Jimmy Connors, Keanu Reeves, Christa McAuliffe, Salma Hayek, Kristen Cloke.

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/03

The September 3rd person is inventive and more advanced in time than most people. This is to the credit of expansive Jupiter, the ruling planet for today. This is also why they will go through life being misunderstood. They are seen for outward things but in fact their best attributes are in the realm of talent. They do more often than not go against the grain of whatever rules that their particular powers that be invoke on them. They tend to be somewhat unsure of themselves.

A look ahead; Don't put things off and know when to be forceful. Don't let your unique gifts pass you by.

Famous Birthdays; Charlie Sheen, Alan Ladd, Kitty Carlisle.

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/04

This is probably someone that fixes or designs things. The September 4th person has a way of knowing the inner workings of what their involved in. They know how to be analytical and then actually put the project in motion. The ruling planet for today is Uranus and might cause this person to be viewed as an eccentric. 

A look ahead; Take time to let your mind rest. Sometimes something within 1/16 of an inch will meet your customers expectations.

Famous Birthdays; Drew Pinsky, Patricia Tallman, Paul Harvey, Mitzy Gaynor, Henry Ford, Jesse James, Merald "Bubba" Knight (Gladys Knight & The Pips), Ronald LaPread (The Commodores), Martin Chambers (The Pretenders).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/05

The September 5th person is always the spontaneous person in the crowd.  Much to the credit of speedy Mercury, the ruling planet for today. They have a wonderful imagination and actually implement their fantasies. They do all these things in the name of love, friendship and fun. Their magnetic personality and need to be cared for gives longevity to the relationships they have.

A look ahead; Take better care of yourself. Beware of people that try to destroy your youthful outlook. The piper needs to be paid sooner or later. We hope later.

Famous Birthdays; John Cage, Freddy Mercury, Bob Newhart, Raquel Welch, Dweezil Zappa, Al Stewart, Loudon Wainwright the Third, Buddy Miles, Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/06

The September 6th person is very eclectic in the way they dress to their choice in home and business furnishings. They also are very flexible when it comes to things that go on around them even if something is directed willfully toward them, they will usually feel sorry for the perpetrators. The ruling planet for today is Venus. 

A look ahead; Don't rely solely on karma. Don't let the nay sayers put you in a rut

Famous Birthdays; Jane Curtain, Jeff Foxworthy, Jo Ann Worley (Laugh In), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Claydes Smith (Kool & The Gang), Perry Bamonte (The Cure), Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/07

This day is one of drive in all respects of the word. The September 7th person sets their sites on something and gets there, no mater what the obstacles might be. They are masters of their goals. Neptune is the ruling planet for today.

A look ahead; True competition requires patients and compassion. 

Famous Birthdays; Buddy Holly, Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Chris Owens (X Files), Sonny Rollins, Little Milton, Benmont Tench (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers), Arthur Ferrante.

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/08

The September 8th persons can put on a performance like no other they appear to be amusing and thoughtful but their intended result is for a serious matter. they are somewhat Jeckle and Hydes. The person born on this day goes through a constant barrage of challenges created by the ruling planet for today, Saturn.

A look ahead; Keep an eye on a particular direction. Ask yourself if you are protecting those around you from yourself.

Famous Birthdays; Peter Sellers, Patsy Cline, Sid Caesar, David Arquette, David Steele (Fine Young Cannibals).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/09

The September 9th person loves a challenge. They take their time and want the best of everything. They have very unique opinions of themselves and are multifaceted like a diamond which makes them very interesting folks. The ruling planet for today is Mars.

A look ahead; Don't be afraid of the unknown. Take time to motivate yourself for positive reasons.

Famous Birthdays;  Michael Keaton, Billy Preston, Otis Redding, Adam Sandler, Angela Cartwright, Hugh Grant, Elvin Jones, Chaim Topal, Joe Theismann, Elvin Jones, Doug Ingle (Iron Butterfly), Inez Foxx.

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/10

The September10th person most often takes on the motivations of their parents in one way or another. They have a "can do" attitude in their careers and in their romantic endeavors. Most are usually late bloomers. They are warm and in some respects too warm allowing themselves to be the servant to their mate, which will cause discord later in life when they decide they want to please themselves, which they should.

A look ahead; Try not to become over zealous in affairs of the heart. Let things develop. Avoid becoming disillusioned when things are not  happening when you want them to. You have just the right amount of natural beauty and charm, don't change it.

Famous Birthdays; Jose Feliciano, Fay Wray, Arnold Palmer, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Colin Firth, Roy Ayers, Danny Hutton (Three Dog Night), Robin Goodridge (Bush).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/11

Today is the start of the last full phase of Virgo which is between 18º- 25º before we enter the Virgo/Libra cusp in 7 days. The September 11th person is ruled by the Moon and has a taste for adventure in every thing they do. They are willing to cultivate their relationships into what they want them to be. This can be a good combination with someone who isn't quite certain of what they want from life. When they make a point its almost in a theatrical way like we would expect from a Leo. They challenge the powers that be to accept all into the world as family.

A look ahead; If you have an impression of someone you can be certain they had enough time to have one of you.

Famous Birthdays;  Lola Falana, Leo Kottke, Kristy McNichol, Harry Connick Jr., Tom Landry, Mickey Hart (The Grateful Dead), Jon Moss (Culture Club), Mick Talbot (The Style Council).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/12

The September 12th person is the kind of person that reads the instructions before they start to work on something or looks at the map before they start driving (even the men!). They have a sharp tongue and generally have a wall built up around them that protects them from anyone's response. They are courageous and can be trusted with anything for they hold their honor in the highest regard. The ruling planet for today is  Jupiter.

A look ahead; Even if you see something in black and white, its made from a whole rainbow of color. Expand your people base.

Famous Birthdays;  George Jones, Barry White, Maria Muldaur, Jesse Owens, Scott Hamilton,  Gerry Beckley (America), Neil Peart (Rush), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Ben Folds (Ben Folds Five), Liam Gallagher (Oasis).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/13

Still In the last full phase of Virgo 20º we can see a common thread of this phase being one of honorable deeds and supreme intelligence. The September 13th person has a acute devotion to all those that are fortunate to be in their group. This with a fiery strong will, makes this person a true champion. sometimes they can be a bit ruthless in achieving their goals so you don't want to be on the opposing team. The ruling planet for today is Uranus.

A look ahead; Try to make life easier on yourself. Don't miss the learning experience that opening your emotional door can offer.

Famous Birthdays;  Mel Torme, Peter Cetera, Jacqueline Bisset, David Clayton-Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Randy Jones (The Village People), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/14

I could almost hear the September 14th person saying we will not leave our neighborhood we will change it and they have the intelligence and drive to do just that. They see 360º around them in physical and metaphysical spheres. They demand results immediately. This is to the credit of speedy Mercury, the ruling planet for today. They tend to be a bit judgmental and hard to sway but possess all the love that the infinite universe has to offer.

A look ahead; True leaders are patient and the servants of all mankind. 

Famous Birthdays;  Clayton Moore (Lone Ranger), Sam Neill, Faith Ford (Corky on Murphy Brown), Dan Cortese, Jon "Bowser" Bauman (Sha Na Na), Barry Cowsill, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Craig Montoya (Everclear).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/15

The September 15th person has the drive and the ambition to be at the top of what they do, well actually its so they can get more stuff, They can be very deceptive to those around them, not in a bad way but in the way they want to be viewed by others, even if its not the way they really are. They have the desire to taste all the fruits and lavish themselves in abundance. The ruling planet for today is Venus.

A look ahead; Food, sex and wealth can all be considered forms of appetite, weigh in regularly.

Famous Birthdays; Cannonball Adderly, Tommy Lee Jones, Oliver Stone, Dan Marino, Snooky Pryor, Bobby Short, Lee Dorman (Iron Butterfly), Mitch Dorge (Crash Test Dummies). 

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/16

The September 16th person is gladiator of the Virgo sun sign. They are competitive and will not give up. They are honest to a fault and have a heart of fire and generosity. They actively confront persons in authority. This person is a great story teller. Transcendence is offered by Neptune, the ruling planet for today.

A look ahead; The story of your battles are interesting enough without embellishments. Don't ruin what took you so long to create.

Famous Birthdays; B.B. King, Charlie Byrd, Lauren Bacall, David Copperfield, Peter Falk, Allen Funt, Mickey Rourke, Richard Marx, Tim Raines, Ed Begley Jr., Kenney Jones (Small Faces,The Who), David Bellamy (The Bellamy Brothers), Betty Kelly (Martha & the Vandellas).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/17

The September 17th person has a drive system and the stamina to go for the long haul. The challenges in this persons life come from Saturn, the ruling planet for today. In a work setting these are the ones that enforce policies or laws and at home can be so serious and pressing that their love ones run for cover. Although if they logically agree to love someone they mean it. They tend to agree with the masses. 

A look ahead; If you force your opinion of someone they will in turn feel that you want them to be like you. MAKE A SERIOUS EFFORT TO LIGHTEN UP, IT WONT HURT A BIT !!!

Famous Birthdays; Phil Jackson, Chief Justice Warren Burger, James Brady(The Brady Bill), Supreme Court Justice David Souter, Hank Williams, LaMonte McLemore (The Fifth Dimension), Senator Charles Grassley, Cassandra Peterson ("Elvira, Mistress of the Dark"), Rita Rudner. 

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/18

This is the last full day of Virgo before we reach the Virgo/Libra cusp. This is a day that is one of secrets. The September 18th person is usually in the public eye but if you talk to most, they would rather have their privacy. They would also make great decorators because of their eye for colors, patterns and detail. Most are on a more evolved plain and will  make the wise choice to walk away from violence and other adverse situations.

A look ahead; May you look at life in a positive manner and your ailments be healed.

Famous Birthdays; Frankie Avalon, Greta Garbo, Fred Willard, Lita Ford, Jimmy Rodgers, Robert Blake, Jack Warden, Kerry Livgren (Kansas), Dee Dee Ramone, Joanne Catherall (Human League).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/19

This is the first day of the Virgo/Libra cusp we have a unique situation here because most cusp personalities are in some sort of conflict but with the combination of Mercury (cerebral) and Venus (love) here we have a wonderful blend of appearance, organization, family and the eye for beauty all in the same package. This is the central theme in this Virgo/Libra cusp starting with today. The September 19th person has all the grace and form that we would expect to see in this cusp period. They are well organized and have probably though their demeanor worked their way up in the world. In the matter of friends and family, they see them as a beautiful necklace and if any of those beads are missing they could drive themselves into some form of depression. Unfortunately they sometimes realize this too late in life. The person born on this day is ruled by the Sun.

A look ahead; In your rise to the top you must look down to know how far you have come. On the table of substance, be the cup not the saucer. 

Famous Birthdays; Brook Benton, Mama Cass Eliot, Brian Epstein, Twiggy Lawson, Paul Williams, Adam West, David McCallum (Man from U.N.C.L.E.), Joan Lunden, Trisha Yearwood, David Bromberg, Lol Creme (10cc), Bill Medley (The Righteous Brothers).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/20

Home, family, and wise decisions are all on the September20th persons top priority list. They would be the ones I would want to manage my money( if I had any<smile>). They know a bargain  and very rarely loose out in a deal, but if they do they have a bit of a time blaming themselves. They are great parents because of their observant qualities, seeing that their child needs a friend as well as a parent and knows how to instill values with out being a bummer.

A look ahead; Modesty can bring a person to greatness.

Famous Birthdays; Dr. Joyce Brothers. Gary Cole, Sophia Loren, Chuck Panozzo (Styx), 

 Birthday Horoscopes for 09/21

Today is 28º in to Virgo  which means were nearing the end of the Virgo/Libra cusp. We see in this day a few traits more indicative of a Libra than a Virgo because the Venus aspect is becoming stronger in these last two days before we go into Libra. The September 21st person is eclectic or eccentric which ever way you might consider it. They take time to pick out what they might feel a statement of their personality. They are definitely into "what's new" and most have a drive and an ability to sustain this type of life style. They also have a great desire for fantasy and intellectual pursuits.

A look ahead; If you buy yourself every thing there wont be anything left for your admirers to get you. Your creativity can be well promoted with sensation.

Famous Birthdays; Leonard Cohen, Larry Hagman, Steven King, Bill Murray, H.G. Wells, Chico Hamilton, David Elliot, Faith Hill, Henry Gibson, Philthy Animal (Motorhead), Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 09/22

This day 29º offers a unique personality to the last day of the Virgo. Where Virgo fades away going into 0º Libra by midnight tonight. I will try to read this day without inferring schizophrenia as a trait. The September 22nd person has a strong desire to keep moving at work or on their free time. They sometimes have a witty and usual sense of humor and then sometimes wont give you the time of day. This is affected by the day to day position of the sun and the moon. They can usually read right through you and have a definite direction to their life. If you are on the September 22nd persons A list you can be sure you have a true friend.

A look ahead; It would be wise to let good things happen on their own.

Famous Birthdays; Joan Jett, Tommy Lasorda, Eric von Stroheim, Debby Boone, Scott Baio, Jenna Leigh Green,  David Coverdale (Deep Purple), King Sunny Ade.

A brief overview of the Libra sun sign:

Libra is ruled by Venus but in the realm of its element air. Taurus is also ruled by Venus but is a earth sign. The Libra person is one who has the magnetic power and drive to be a overwhelming force in the bedroom. The symbol of the scales is a great representation of the Libra person, always weighing the facts and desiring a balance. They see both sides of everything and when it comes to influence, they want every one to follow them and their ideas. The strong feminine influence of the planet Venus can place them in more unconventional relationships. They also have a habit of procrastination but when they work they work. we will learn more about the Libra personality on a day-to-day basis only then will we see the complex and complete picture of the Libra sun sign. Some Libra notables; John Lennon, Jesse Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Carter, Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Tutu. To mention a few greats of this sun sign.

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/23

The September 23rd person is a real charmer. They attract attention in both personal and vocational ways. They tend to choose their careers first but when they get around to their mates they tend to demand substance not what they might consider superficial. These folks can have a lot of power in every thing they do. Most have overcome some obstacles in their early years. Their song might be "You've got to suffer if you want to sing the blues".

A look ahead; If you become depressed don't rely on artificial stimuli, look to your creative mind. 

Famous Birthdays; Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Julio Iglesias, Mickey Rooney, John Coltrane, Lita Ford.

 Birthday Horoscopes for 09/24

The September 24th person has a wonderful imagination and love to share it with all they meet in their many travels. They sometimes settle down but can be a bit difficult to live with, just sitting there in some dream world, thinking about were they would rather be. This also makes them a bit difficult at times to rely on in working situations though they can at times grasp a very difficult task and make it seem easy. They make friends  very easy and tend to keep them for a long time because they are enjoyable, generous and fun loving people.

A look ahead; Calmly do one thing well.  

Famous Birthdays; Jim Henson, Kevin Sorbo, Linda McCartney, Phil Hartman, Gerry Marsden (Gerry and the Pacemakers).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 09/25

How do you see the world around you? The September 25th person asks that question many times of them self and presents their findings in a very unique way. This is so they can challenge things present and try to change them. They put in a whole day at work and achieve what ever it is that is requested of them. They generally are independent and not very often do they allow a mate to be a part of their world.

A look ahead; If you judge the world remember that you are also a part of it.  

Famous Birthdays; Christopher Reeve, Barbara Walters, Mark Hamill, Heather Locklear, Cheryl Tiegs, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bridgette Wilson, Will Smith.

 Birthday Horoscopes for 09/26

Today we are going to use examples of two people that were born on September 26th. The first one is Dr. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov best know for the pavlovian theory or Pavlov's dog. Now what he did was trained his dog to react to certain stimuli such as noises to get a same reaction out of them every time. One thing that was over looked in history is the September 26th person has the persistence as well as influence to train a dog react to a conditioned response. For most of us, if we tried this we would piss the dog off and get bit. The next person that was born on this day and indicative of the September 26th persons personality is George Gershwin who had the technical knowledge, perfectionist and the innovative out look to change the way music is perceived today. The ruling planet for today is Saturn, which makes this person "up for the challenge".

A look ahead; Sometimes a mistake is just that and how some people learn. Take time to drift in thought every so often.   

Famous Birthdays; Dr. Ivan Pavlov, George Gershwin, Brian Ferry( Roxy Music), Linda Hamilton, Olivia Newton John, Pete Mancini, Donna Douglas (Elly Mae From the Beverly Hillbillies), Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos), Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men).

Birthday Horoscopes for 09/27

This is an unusual Birthscope for it has allot of contradictions in it. The September 27th person seems to be a leader and a well rounded person which is true in most public circles. But then the people that know this person the best seems to wonder why this person is so insecure and sensitive. Allot is because in an astrological sense this person is the equivalent to a mid 40's person at birth, but what happens to them as young children causes them to feel that their is no other way to be. They are hard workers and for the most part unshakable. 

A look ahead; Learn to live with the fact that your human.    

Famous Birthdays; Liz Torres, Randy Bachman (Bachman Turner Overdrive), Shaun Cassidy, Jane Meadows( The Honeymooners), William Conrad, Meat Loaf, Samuel Adams (Lead the Boston tea party, had nothing to do with beer), Greg Ham (Men At Work).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 09/28

The September 28th person is fancy in all respects of what they do. From the way they decorate their home to the romantic evenings they arrange for that special person. They have a way of enticing people with their personality. They are wonderful family people and true friends. Most have had a long list of lovers and admires in their younger days. Till they find the one that doesn't bore them.

A look ahead; The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none.

Famous Birthdays; Brigitte Bardot, Ben E King, Ed Sullivan, Moon Unit Zappa, Mira Sorvino, Koko Taylor, Sean Levert (Levert).

 Birthday Horoscopes for 09/29

Woe is unto me is the story of the September 29th person. For they live their life as the star of a tear jerking soap opera and surround themselves with a well chosen cast of people to make the story more believable. If someone is perceptive enough not to be dragged into the show, they will be cast as the next villains. They are usually good workers in a technical sense but severe mood swings and insecurities can cause their co workers to spend part of the day pulling knives out their backs.

A look ahead; Obsession is the act of asking yourself the same question over and over again, but never allowing yourself to answer.

Famous Birthdays; Jean Luc Ponty( Jazz Fusion Violinist), Jerry Lee Lewis, Bryant Gumbel, Madeleine Kahn, Gene Autry, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Alexis Cruz, Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), Mike Pinera (Iron Butterfly), Suzzy Roche (The Roches).

  Birthday Horoscopes for 09/30

The September 30th person has the curiosity of a kitten and the desire to find not only the tunnel but what is at the end of it. They also have a way of presenting their knowledge and skills in a grand fashion. Don't think that if you get this person alone you will dominate them, they take pride in their ability to defend themselves. Most people (even their own genders) find them to be very attractive.

A look ahead; We rate ourselves by our abilities, while others rate us by our actions. All states of mental consciousness is in ones head.

Famous Birthdays; Angie Dickinson, Buddy Rich, Deborah Farentino, Marc Bolan, Truman Capote, Crystal Bernard, Fran Drescher, Johnny Mathis, Rula Lenska, Dewey Martin (Buffalo Springfield), Sylvia Peterson (The Chiffons), John Lombardo (10,000 Maniacs), Robby Takac (Goo Goo Dolls).





We hope that these Birthday Horoscopes will help you understand yourself better. This Birthday Horoscope was done with a tropical method. There is a few things that haven't been considered, your time of birth and place of birth these two factors make for a more accurate finger print of who you are. This is why we suggest having full Natal Chart (Birth Chart) done. 

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